Mail fra Roshan

Hi dear friend Lars and Kate

Thank you very much for the mail and my friend your mail make me so
happy and give me joy.So i give my hearty warm regards to you and i
did not have more word my friend how to say or what to writ because
you are my true friend and always concern me and my family and always
take care me and my family so much and always helping to me.All the
time you care me and show your kindness to me.

We are all fine here and these days we had rain here and heavy rain in
Kanchenjunjha area and big land slide there and killed 40 people and
many people still missing and many family lost their houses so sad.
These daysPolitical partys are united and they are started to draft
the Constitution from today so in one month we will have new
constitution good news.

Our friend Chhewang also done very good job here he also helped many
different to the quake victim with rice,blanket medicine and money.
Give my regards to all our friend there.

Wish you all the best

with regards

Mail fra Roshan

Hi Dear friend Lars and Kate

Namaste and many many thanks for your mail and your great help for
me.Yes friend i am came back to Kathmandu from my home visit and also
chepang village.Me and my family are fine here and in chepang village
every thing are fine there,firsti have visit my village Gorkha and i
have built small temporary small tent houses for my parents,sister and
for my brother family and i have done all the work there for them then
i went to chepang village again with some help and i have gave them
some tent for them and some family hwo need more help i gave them some
money for them to buy more rice,lentil and for school gave them some
money to buy books and pen for the student,we have around 98 student
in the school and three teacher are teaching every day and thy are
doing their very good then i came back to kathmandu.
Yes friend we have use the money which you have send for us,in this
way,Hari and i talk and we make decision to use the money for the
quake victim in different area and some of our old friend who have
trek with you.Some money Hari sent to Ganesh himal area,I gave some
money to Bishnu i use some money to myself and some money to chepang
village and shangrila village and money you have sent second time and
you mention to use money for me,bishnu and Hari for Ganesh himal
area,we use money this way,i Gave some to Bishnu,hari to ganesh himal
area,and i use money for chepang village again because they need
more(from the money i buy them 12 tent and money for some family to
buy rice and lentil)and we also give some amount off money to our old
porters who have been trek with you several time and i told tothem
this money is from our friend Lars and Kate so they are very happy to
get help from you lars and they send you their hearty warm Namaste to
Now in September i need money for our school in chepang village school
teacher salary,for more books pens and other expenses and for
shangrila school.
I also gave some money to our three teacher as a quake relief
help,they were also effected by the quake and they are also very
happy. This way i use the money which you have send for us
here(25000 DKR).These days is very hot here and no rain so farmer are
in trouble.Yes friend many trekking area been destroyed by the quake
so coming season we will not have more trekking here i think and going
to hard for guide because there will be less work so hard to survive
in my view and i am also going to get trouble to survive.
Yes friend give my thanks to all our friend who have help us here and
give them my warm regards .
Wishing you all the best have good time
With regards
Your friend Roshan

Svar fra Lars og Kate

Dear Roshan

What a splendid job you are doing there out in the field !

I am glad that you have helped your family,Bishnu and old Friends like our porters.
And the teachers too .

It seems to me that you know exactly who to help and how.

I can understand that the coming year will be difficult for you all.
No infrastructure, not many turists, no facilities.

But this I say to you my Friend :

You and your family will never be without food, clothing, lodging and Daly necesseties,
that I can promise you !

In august BB5 will play at the annual RF charety Concert. I am sure that we will get a lot of money.
So late august we will send you the funds.

Again thank you for a very good report.

Give our regard to all our Friends.

Good Luck

Kate and Lars