Tragedie. Roshans svoger dræbt af Taleban i Afganistan.

Hi dear friend Lars and Kate
Namaste and many many thanks for the mail,Yes friend i have been to
chepang village and every things are going well there and our school
are running well there and from mid july school will have month Manson
holiday and this time they will have first term exam is going on there
from one grade to five grade,from the village we send kids to another
school who are studying above five grade,all the kids who are studying
grade six,seven,eight and nine.This year two of them finished high
school from chepang village and we will try to send them to further
down to higher school to another village.Shangri-la village school
also doing the same and this year 20 student passed the high school
from there,every thing are going well there and teachers ask me to get
help from us on this school,i mean in September end they have 15
teacher and only 8 teacher get salary from the government rest are
depend on villager.
When will you arrive to Kathmandu for gokyo trek my friend send me the
detai so i need to book the flight ticket to Lukla and also return to
kathmandu from lukla because lukla is very busy in season so we need
to book the flight ticket in advance.
Sad accident happened in my family on 20th June and all my family are
sad these days,On 20th june morning my brother in law killed in Kabul
on bomb attack by Taliban,he was working there in canadian embassy as
a security guard and he was staying with us in gorkha since 29
years,he is my oldest sister husband and they only have one
doughtier.So my friend it is me to take care her and make all the
papers for government is very hard to take care here and all
the family member to make them normal and i hope soon they will come
to normal.
I wish you all the best have good day and time.
With best regards