Nyt fra landsbyen

Da Roshan for øjeblikket arbejder i Sydkorea, er der lavet aftale med Gobinda om at varetage samarbejdet med landsbyen. Her har vi en rapport fra ham:

News from Roshan’s Friends September 2017

  • Gobinda is in contact with Raju Chepang (leader of Roshan’s Friends) and Entire Chepang Community.
  • We are delighted with the performance of two teachers who used to be the students in same school. As per discussion Gobinda did with the teacher and other school where students passed out from our school, he found out that our students are more competitive than that of other schools. They are providing quality education with better mentoring. The entire Chepang community is delighted with the help made by Roshan’s Friends Team & Mr. Lars.
  • We will be providing the medicines and stationary to Shangrila village school this year too.
  • This year, we have initiated the programs which are expected to upgrade the living standard of entire Chepang community. We made & handed over the honey bee shelter to four families and will provide to the entire village in the days to come.
  • We are planning to distribute the high quality seeds to the community so that they can grow more cash crops and sell in the market. This will ultimately help them upgrade their living standards.
  • We have initiated the discussion in connection to the possibility of providing Chimney sets to Chepang community. Though, we had intended to provide chimney sets to the entire community, we will be able to provide to only 3-4 families due to insufficient fund at our disposal. ‘Set Chimney’ reduces the level of smoke while cooking which will ultimately help them prevent health hazards. The consumption of fire wood will be lessened by using set chimney; this will help to reduce deforestation at the same time.