Nyt fra landsbyen

Dear Lars,

Greetings and Namaste from Nepal. I hope this email reaches you well.

Thank you so much for wiring DKK 3500. Everything is fine here in Nepal and Highlander is running very smoothly.
I hereby would like update the latest scenario of Roshan’s Friend.


We discussed with Raju and teacher on solving problem with water. As per our discussion with them the level of water on water source they have been using is increasing but water pipes are getting out of work so I and Hari have planned to provide approx 200m water pipe to them so that they can collect and reserve the water. If this very water source got short of water in summer then they will have to carry the water from close source and they are fine with this idea.

In a line to our idea of piping the water from another water source with the help of pump, it is likely to be extremely expensive and the cost would stand approx 2.5 million Rupees which we cannot afford, I guess. I think we should keep this plan in our mind and materialize when we have sufficient fund.

Many Thanks,
Hari & Gobinda