Nyt fra Roshan

Hi dear friend Lars and Kate namaste from Nepal. I am back to Nepal and started to my work on our project and recently( me and Govinda )we have visited our project area and we had wonderful meeting with teacher and villagers and discuss with them in different subjects and trying to get idea’s from teachers and villagers .we discuss on how to do more effective work and involve villagers and inspiring them.We also had meeting with teacher’s in Shangri-la village and i told them we will also help them we have not forgotten them because since i went to korea they have not get any help from our project.soon i will go again there with our support  and also finalized with villagers which kind of vegetable they want to grow and we will provide them all the necessary items and other support and also bring teachers salary for six month and small help to Shangri-la village school.yes friend if you have any new ideas and suggestions please tell to me.

Finally i wish you 75th happy birthday to you my friend may god fulfill all your dream desire and bringing you joy peace happiness success prospects and wisdom many many happy return of the day.