Nyt fra Roshan

Hello dear friend Lars and Kate namaste from Nepal. I wish that this mail will find you in good health.Yes friend recently i have visited chepang village.
Shangri-la village
First day i have visited our school in Shangri-la village and had good meeting with teacher’s and other villagers and with Ananda school is doing very good and run up to 12 grade they have more then 500 students and 16 teachers.they just built new school building and they are very happy with our project and they wish our help in the future .
Chepang village
After the meeting i went to chepang village.Everythings are going well there and drinking water pipe line is working well so no problem about water.next day i suppose to have meeting with villagers and teachers but one of the boy was sick since week and his condition was very bad so i decided to cancel the meeting and take the sick boy to the hospital early in the morning and four villagers and me carry the boy all the way down to the road and from there by ambulance to the hospital and admit him to emergency sector in to the hospital and after checking him doctor started to do operation and success it .
His name is Deepak chepang
Age 13 yrs
Studying at class 7
This boy study at class 7 in the school and we are helping since the beginning. His parents are poor they do not have money for his treatment. So i decided to help him.he got problem on his right leg solen and very pain full and doctor told me that he had kind of infection on his leg and also told me that he need to do another operations in 7 days.so i came back to kathmandu.i yesterday for more money we need more money for his treatment and Hari is still in USA i try to contact him but did success. I met one american guy and talk about it and he decided to help this boy and gave me 100USD.in this week i will go to chitwan again with money gunnar is sending me some money for my kids so i use that money for deepak treatment.that reason i did not got chance to take picture next time i will take and send to you some good pictures.
Give my regards to everyone there wish you all the best have good day and time.
With best regards