Salon Norma

Lisbet & Birger (billedet) har i snart tyve år stået for den årlige Salon Norma, opkaldt efter gaden de bor på.
Byens Blæserkvintet – BB5 – spillede et underholdende program, hvori blandt andet indgik Ravels ‘Gåsemors Fortællinger’ til glæde for både voksne og børn.
Frivillige bidrog med lækre kager til kaffen og igen i år, havde vi en hyggelig eftermiddag, hvor der blev samlet ind til Roshan’s Friends.
Det du hører i videoen, er musik af Mozart.

Nyt fra Hari

Dear Lars,

Thank you so much for sending us DKK 5000.00 we have a received it. Everything is fine here in Nepal & Highlander is running very well.

 Now we would like to let you know about the updates of Roshan’s friend.

 Chepang Village School:
Roshan has been to Chepang Village on July 2019. School is running very smoothly. Sixteen students have started to go another school to start secondary level.

 Shangrila Village:
School is running very well.

Chepang Village:
We have distributed high quality seeds to the five families and they have already started to do farming tomato, bean, cabbage, kauli flower, cucumber etc which are really good source to make money. We will provide to the entire village in the days to come.

All the funds has been utilized and finished on July -2019.

•             Teachers Salary has been paid for 1 year.

•             Books, Pens, Medicines and high quality seeds to the villages have been distributed in Chepang Village.

•             Money paid to Two University students.

•             Money paid to school in Shangrila.

Note: Kindly find the Picture.

Yours sincerely,
Hari & Team

Nyt fra Roshan

Namaste dear friend Lars and Kate ,i hope this mail will find you in good health. Many many thanks for the mail yes friend me and Govinda work hard and we had very good connection and communication between us  we are good team.After my visit to our project i came back to kathmandu on 3rd july and on 4th july i went to everest three passes trek for 20 days so i gave all information and picture to Govinda and he wrote to you the final report so in future we will work like this.i came back ftom trek on 26th and taking rest these days and from coming week i will go to driving school for three week.i will try to learn motorbike and try to get bike driving license that reason i will join driving school.yes friend send money in end of August so in September i can go to visit our project and give teacher’s  salary  i have told to them that in September i will come with money and pay teacher’s salary. Everything are going well there every week i get information from our teacher Dil bahadur.

My friend Gunnar have invited me to visit Denmark next year in summer so what do you think please give me an idea as soon as possible because he want my answer in one week and i want to ask you and your view about to it .
Please give my regards to all our friends there.
Wish you all the best have good day and time.
With best regards.

Nyt fra Roshan

Roshan skrev:

Namaste dear friend Lars and Kate wish that both of you are doing good there.i am fine here and all my family are fine .Hari Govinda and our team are all doing good also in chepang village and Shangri-la village.
Gunnar have invited me to visit Denmark next year in summer so that i am just want to get your suggestion for me shall i come to Denmark or not please give me ideas  if you say yes then i will come and it will be good for our project if we make some programs there about our project.
Please give my regards to everyone there wish you all the best have good day.
With best regards.

Lars svarede:

Dear Roshan.
I think it is a splendid idea for you to come to Denmark next year!

Be sure to have enough time so you can come and visit us in Greve and stay for the night!

I will also help you financially with your journey and stay.

Tomorrow BB5 will give the annual concert for the benefit of RF.