Salon Norma

Lisbet & Birger (billedet) har i snart tyve år stået for den årlige Salon Norma, opkaldt efter gaden de bor på.
Byens Blæserkvintet – BB5 – spillede et underholdende program, hvori blandt andet indgik Ravels ‘Gåsemors Fortællinger’ til glæde for både voksne og børn.
Frivillige bidrog med lækre kager til kaffen og igen i år, havde vi en hyggelig eftermiddag, hvor der blev samlet ind til Roshan’s Friends.
Det du hører i videoen, er musik af Mozart.

Nyt fra Hari

Dear Lars,

Thank you so much for sending us DKK 5000.00 we have a received it. Everything is fine here in Nepal & Highlander is running very well.

 Now we would like to let you know about the updates of Roshan’s friend.

 Chepang Village School:
Roshan has been to Chepang Village on July 2019. School is running very smoothly. Sixteen students have started to go another school to start secondary level.

 Shangrila Village:
School is running very well.

Chepang Village:
We have distributed high quality seeds to the five families and they have already started to do farming tomato, bean, cabbage, kauli flower, cucumber etc which are really good source to make money. We will provide to the entire village in the days to come.

All the funds has been utilized and finished on July -2019.

•             Teachers Salary has been paid for 1 year.

•             Books, Pens, Medicines and high quality seeds to the villages have been distributed in Chepang Village.

•             Money paid to Two University students.

•             Money paid to school in Shangrila.

Note: Kindly find the Picture.

Yours sincerely,
Hari & Team

Nyt fra Roshan

Namaste dear friend Lars and Kate ,i hope this mail will find you in good health. Many many thanks for the mail yes friend me and Govinda work hard and we had very good connection and communication between us  we are good team.After my visit to our project i came back to kathmandu on 3rd july and on 4th july i went to everest three passes trek for 20 days so i gave all information and picture to Govinda and he wrote to you the final report so in future we will work like this.i came back ftom trek on 26th and taking rest these days and from coming week i will go to driving school for three week.i will try to learn motorbike and try to get bike driving license that reason i will join driving school.yes friend send money in end of August so in September i can go to visit our project and give teacher’s  salary  i have told to them that in September i will come with money and pay teacher’s salary. Everything are going well there every week i get information from our teacher Dil bahadur.

My friend Gunnar have invited me to visit Denmark next year in summer so what do you think please give me an idea as soon as possible because he want my answer in one week and i want to ask you and your view about to it .
Please give my regards to all our friends there.
Wish you all the best have good day and time.
With best regards.

Nyt fra Roshan

Roshan skrev:

Namaste dear friend Lars and Kate wish that both of you are doing good there.i am fine here and all my family are fine .Hari Govinda and our team are all doing good also in chepang village and Shangri-la village.
Gunnar have invited me to visit Denmark next year in summer so that i am just want to get your suggestion for me shall i come to Denmark or not please give me ideas  if you say yes then i will come and it will be good for our project if we make some programs there about our project.
Please give my regards to everyone there wish you all the best have good day.
With best regards.

Lars svarede:

Dear Roshan.
I think it is a splendid idea for you to come to Denmark next year!

Be sure to have enough time so you can come and visit us in Greve and stay for the night!

I will also help you financially with your journey and stay.

Tomorrow BB5 will give the annual concert for the benefit of RF.


Nyt fra Roshan

Hi dear friend Lars and Kate
Namaste from Nepal I wish that this mail will find you in good health
I have been to our project here are the report from my visit
Chepang Village
New season of school started and one week all the teacher and villager
went to every houses there and told the parents to send child to
school and collected children from hole village and took them to
school  and they started the new classes after that and sent 9 student
to another school who have finished fifth grade from our school and i
took them to higher school and put them in six grade and they will
study there in total there are 19 student from chepang village who go
to higher school,water pipe line is still working and they are still
doing vegetable farming,Two boy Krishna chepang  Chandra are studying
at university in  bachelor in english,
Everythings going well in shangrila village school ,
Yes my friend now our project need some money for writing books pens
for the school student and salary for the teacher we have paid them
until february 2019 so we need to pay their salary from march 2019 to
june 2019 they have asked me that when we get our salary so that
please send the money as soon as possible when you send money then i
will go with the money and do the job,
we are all fine here (Hari Govinda Roshan and highlander team)
Please pay our warm regards to all our friend there ,
Wishing you all the best have good day and time,
With best regards
Roshan friends team

Nyt fra Roshan

Hello dear friend Lars and Kate namaste from Nepal. I wish that this mail will find you in good health.Yes friend recently i have visited chepang village.
Shangri-la village
First day i have visited our school in Shangri-la village and had good meeting with teacher’s and other villagers and with Ananda school is doing very good and run up to 12 grade they have more then 500 students and 16 teachers.they just built new school building and they are very happy with our project and they wish our help in the future .
Chepang village
After the meeting i went to chepang village.Everythings are going well there and drinking water pipe line is working well so no problem about day i suppose to have meeting with villagers and teachers but one of the boy was sick since week and his condition was very bad so i decided to cancel the meeting and take the sick boy to the hospital early in the morning and four villagers and me carry the boy all the way down to the road and from there by ambulance to the hospital and admit him to emergency sector in to the hospital and after checking him doctor started to do operation and success it .
His name is Deepak chepang
Age 13 yrs
Studying at class 7
This boy study at class 7 in the school and we are helping since the beginning. His parents are poor they do not have money for his treatment. So i decided to help him.he got problem on his right leg solen and very pain full and doctor told me that he had kind of infection on his leg and also told me that he need to do another operations in 7 i came back to kathmandu.i yesterday for more money we need more money for his treatment and Hari is still in USA i try to contact him but did success. I met one american guy and talk about it and he decided to help this boy and gave me this week i will go to chitwan again with money gunnar is sending me some money for my kids so i use that money for deepak treatment.that reason i did not got chance to take picture next time i will take and send to you some good pictures.
Give my regards to everyone there wish you all the best have good day and time.
With best regards

Nyt fra Roshan

Dear Lars

Namaste from Nepal,

I hope this email reaches you well.

I would like to apologize for not being able to send you the report on
Friday because I was with the meeting with local farmers and
agriculture experts in Chepang village.

Please find the report in subsequent to my visit to Chepang Village last week.

Chepang Village:
School is running well up to grade five with 135 students which is
more than previous years. Teachers are doing great job too.Twenty
students have started to go another school to start secondary level.
This number of the students going to secondary level is the highest
till the date. Five farmers have started doing farming tomato, beans,
cabbage, kauli flower, cucumber etc which are a good source to make
some money. We are expecting that more villagers will follow this
modern farming in following years. Moreover one farmer has started
poultry farm.

Two of the students from Chepang village have passed high school (+2)
this year. Now they want to continue their study and join university.
We have been supporting them in past, so do you think we shall still
support them on their further study to University?? what you

Drinking Water:
Villagers have built a water tank 10  minutes down the village and
have also collected monsoon water. So no more drinking water problem
so far.

In subsequent to the rules of fining if found cutting down the trees,
deforestation has reduced to 90%. They have targeted to reduce it to
95% next year. They are doing tree plantation this monsoon for which
they have already built a nursery in village.

Shangri La village:
Everything is going well. The school has successfully admitted 500
students. It is already running successfully but they are still
expecting our support so that they can excel in future.

Please send my regards and big Namaste to everybody in there.

Let me know if there is anything.

Looking forward to hear from you.

Thank you.

Best Regards

Nyt fra Roshan

Hi dear friend Lars and Kate namaste from Nepal. I am back to Nepal and started to my work on our project and recently( me and Govinda )we have visited our project area and we had wonderful meeting with teacher and villagers and discuss with them in different subjects and trying to get idea’s from teachers and villagers .we discuss on how to do more effective work and involve villagers and inspiring them.We also had meeting with teacher’s in Shangri-la village and i told them we will also help them we have not forgotten them because since i went to korea they have not get any help from our project.soon i will go again there with our support  and also finalized with villagers which kind of vegetable they want to grow and we will provide them all the necessary items and other support and also bring teachers salary for six month and small help to Shangri-la village school.yes friend if you have any new ideas and suggestions please tell to me.

Finally i wish you 75th happy birthday to you my friend may god fulfill all your dream desire and bringing you joy peace happiness success prospects and wisdom many many happy return of the day.

Nyt fra landsbyen

Dear Lars,

Greetings and Namaste from Nepal. I hope this email reaches you well.

Thank you so much for wiring DKK 3500. Everything is fine here in Nepal and Highlander is running very smoothly.
I hereby would like update the latest scenario of Roshan’s Friend.


We discussed with Raju and teacher on solving problem with water. As per our discussion with them the level of water on water source they have been using is increasing but water pipes are getting out of work so I and Hari have planned to provide approx 200m water pipe to them so that they can collect and reserve the water. If this very water source got short of water in summer then they will have to carry the water from close source and they are fine with this idea.

In a line to our idea of piping the water from another water source with the help of pump, it is likely to be extremely expensive and the cost would stand approx 2.5 million Rupees which we cannot afford, I guess. I think we should keep this plan in our mind and materialize when we have sufficient fund.

Many Thanks,
Hari & Gobinda

Nyt fra landsbyen

Da Roshan for øjeblikket arbejder i Sydkorea, er der lavet aftale med Gobinda om at varetage samarbejdet med landsbyen. Her har vi en rapport fra ham:

News from Roshan’s Friends September 2017

  • Gobinda is in contact with Raju Chepang (leader of Roshan’s Friends) and Entire Chepang Community.
  • We are delighted with the performance of two teachers who used to be the students in same school. As per discussion Gobinda did with the teacher and other school where students passed out from our school, he found out that our students are more competitive than that of other schools. They are providing quality education with better mentoring. The entire Chepang community is delighted with the help made by Roshan’s Friends Team & Mr. Lars.
  • We will be providing the medicines and stationary to Shangrila village school this year too.
  • This year, we have initiated the programs which are expected to upgrade the living standard of entire Chepang community. We made & handed over the honey bee shelter to four families and will provide to the entire village in the days to come.
  • We are planning to distribute the high quality seeds to the community so that they can grow more cash crops and sell in the market. This will ultimately help them upgrade their living standards.
  • We have initiated the discussion in connection to the possibility of providing Chimney sets to Chepang community. Though, we had intended to provide chimney sets to the entire community, we will be able to provide to only 3-4 families due to insufficient fund at our disposal. ‘Set Chimney’ reduces the level of smoke while cooking which will ultimately help them prevent health hazards. The consumption of fire wood will be lessened by using set chimney; this will help to reduce deforestation at the same time.