Nyt fra Hari

Dear Lars,

Thank you so much for sending us DKK 5000.00 we have a received it. Everything is fine here in Nepal & Highlander is running very well.

 Now we would like to let you know about the updates of Roshan’s friend.

 Chepang Village School:
Roshan has been to Chepang Village on July 2019. School is running very smoothly. Sixteen students have started to go another school to start secondary level.

 Shangrila Village:
School is running very well.

Chepang Village:
We have distributed high quality seeds to the five families and they have already started to do farming tomato, bean, cabbage, kauli flower, cucumber etc which are really good source to make money. We will provide to the entire village in the days to come.

All the funds has been utilized and finished on July -2019.

•             Teachers Salary has been paid for 1 year.

•             Books, Pens, Medicines and high quality seeds to the villages have been distributed in Chepang Village.

•             Money paid to Two University students.

•             Money paid to school in Shangrila.

Note: Kindly find the Picture.

Yours sincerely,
Hari & Team

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