Nyt fra Roshan

Dear Lars

Namaste from Nepal,

I hope this email reaches you well.

I would like to apologize for not being able to send you the report on
Friday because I was with the meeting with local farmers and
agriculture experts in Chepang village.

Please find the report in subsequent to my visit to Chepang Village last week.

Chepang Village:
School is running well up to grade five with 135 students which is
more than previous years. Teachers are doing great job too.Twenty
students have started to go another school to start secondary level.
This number of the students going to secondary level is the highest
till the date. Five farmers have started doing farming tomato, beans,
cabbage, kauli flower, cucumber etc which are a good source to make
some money. We are expecting that more villagers will follow this
modern farming in following years. Moreover one farmer has started
poultry farm.

Two of the students from Chepang village have passed high school (+2)
this year. Now they want to continue their study and join university.
We have been supporting them in past, so do you think we shall still
support them on their further study to University?? what you

Drinking Water:
Villagers have built a water tank 10  minutes down the village and
have also collected monsoon water. So no more drinking water problem
so far.

In subsequent to the rules of fining if found cutting down the trees,
deforestation has reduced to 90%. They have targeted to reduce it to
95% next year. They are doing tree plantation this monsoon for which
they have already built a nursery in village.

Shangri La village:
Everything is going well. The school has successfully admitted 500
students. It is already running successfully but they are still
expecting our support so that they can excel in future.

Please send my regards and big Namaste to everybody in there.

Let me know if there is anything.

Looking forward to hear from you.

Thank you.

Best Regards

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