Nyt fra Roshan

Hi dear friend Lars and Kate
Namaste from Nepal I wish that this mail will find you in good health
I have been to our project here are the report from my visit
Chepang Village
New season of school started and one week all the teacher and villager
went to every houses there and told the parents to send child to
school and collected children from hole village and took them to
school  and they started the new classes after that and sent 9 student
to another school who have finished fifth grade from our school and i
took them to higher school and put them in six grade and they will
study there in total there are 19 student from chepang village who go
to higher school,water pipe line is still working and they are still
doing vegetable farming,Two boy Krishna chepang  Chandra are studying
at university in  bachelor in english,
Everythings going well in shangrila village school ,
Yes my friend now our project need some money for writing books pens
for the school student and salary for the teacher we have paid them
until february 2019 so we need to pay their salary from march 2019 to
june 2019 they have asked me that when we get our salary so that
please send the money as soon as possible when you send money then i
will go with the money and do the job,
we are all fine here (Hari Govinda Roshan and highlander team)
Please pay our warm regards to all our friend there ,
Wishing you all the best have good day and time,
With best regards
Roshan friends team
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