Nyt fra Roshan

Roshan skrev:

Namaste dear friend Lars and Kate wish that both of you are doing good there.i am fine here and all my family are fine .Hari Govinda and our team are all doing good also in chepang village and Shangri-la village.
Gunnar have invited me to visit Denmark next year in summer so that i am just want to get your suggestion for me shall i come to Denmark or not please give me ideas  if you say yes then i will come and it will be good for our project if we make some programs there about our project.
Please give my regards to everyone there wish you all the best have good day.
With best regards.

Lars svarede:

Dear Roshan.
I think it is a splendid idea for you to come to Denmark next year!

Be sure to have enough time so you can come and visit us in Greve and stay for the night!

I will also help you financially with your journey and stay.

Tomorrow BB5 will give the annual concert for the benefit of RF.


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